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Mokpo, South Korea


The South Korean city of Mokpo became a sister city of Xiamen on July 25, 2007.


Mokpo is the sixth-largest city in South Korea and capital of JeollaNam-do province located in the country’s southwest. It is the third-largest port and logistics hub in Northeast Asia.

Mokpo has a population of 260,000 and contains an urban area of 47 square kilometers. Within the city’s jurisdiction are 839 islands. It features a pleasant temperate climate and has an annual average temperature of 13.9 degrees Celsius.

The city’s transportation facilities include Muan International Airport, Mokpo Port and New Mokpo Outer Harbor; it is also connected to major cities in Korea by rail. 

Mokpo is well-known for its natural scenery and cultural landscapes. Notable areas include Xiaoyao Pavilion, Mokpo Natural History Museum, Namnong Memorial Hall and National Maritime Museum.

In recent years, the city has attached great importance to the development of research collaboration between universities and industries. Mokpo is home to 40 colleges and universities, together with 62 research institutes. 



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