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Huli focuses on etiquette prior to BRICS Summit

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2017-03-23

In the run up to the BRICS Summit, one of the world’s foremost associations for developing nations, set to be hosted in Xiamen this September, event organizers recently launched a campaign aimed at improving levels of etiquette.

The training has included a series of lectures held in the Huli district of Xiamen hoping to raise the bar for manners for those who will be involved at the high profile event. Yao Jianhong, the deputy director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen, introduced various aspects of international etiquette in a lecture for representatives from Huli district on March 15.


The gathered audience listens to a lecture on the subject of etiquette during a training event held Huli district,  Xiamen, on March 15. [Photo/xmnn.cn]

Yao emphasized the importance of being fastidiously detail-oriented, often about minute and seemingly unimportant matters, such as choosing the color of a tie or knowing how to make casual conversation with a foreign guest and which topics are best to avoid.

Yao’s lecture is one part of wider efforts being carried out in Huli to educate citizens on different parts of international etiquette including public lectures, resources published online, and lessons that have been given at schools, companies, and communities.


This teacher at a Huli primary school takes part in an etiquette training class. [Photo/xmnn.cn]

The authorities hope that through these campaigns exposing an increasing number of residents to international ideas of etiquette the city will undergo subtle changes capable of updating the image of the city.



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