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Xiamen calls for citizens to submit BRICS slogans

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2017-04-11

With the BRICS Xiamen Summit due to take place this September in the Fujian province city of Xiamen, the local authorities are calling on the general public to offer up a brand new slogan to project the image of the coastal southeastern city.

About Xiamen:

Included in China’s first batch of five special economic zones, Xiamen has exhibited rapid growth across a broad range of economic fields and has attracted sizeable foreign investment. Yet the city’s status as a national industrial powerhouse has not diminished its cultural charm and the port city continues to boast traditional architecture, delicious food, a pleasant climate, and picturesque scenery.

Competition requirements

A winning entry will:

1. Be an original, short sentence or phrase in English or Chinese. If in Chinese, it should contain no more than 16 characters.

2. Accurately reflect the city’s attractive qualities such as its advantages in resources, distinctive characteristics, or cultural essence. The slogan should be compelling, inspirational, and have the potential to go viral.

3. Be concise, unique, catchy, and easy-to-remember.

4. Include a detailed explanation of the submitted work.

Deadline for submission: April 19

Where to submit

International participants may submit entries through the following channels

WeChat: CommonTalk

Email: commontalk@xmrb.com

Entries should include a participant’s real name, additional contact information, and indicate the subject of the message by including “Xiamen city image slogan submission”.

Specific statements:

1. Once a work is submitted, entrants should understand the submission to be under the ownership of the organizer. Entrants should understand the organizer has the right to use the slogan in areas including but not limited to exhibition, demonstration and, publicity, without offering a payment.

2. A participant bears full legal responsibility in the case that a submitted work is in violation of copyright or reputation rights.

3. The organizer reserves all rights for a final explanation.

Prizes and awards

1. Winning slogans will be selected through public voting and the appraisal of experts. Winners will receive prizes and certificates.

2. Some of those who vote for winning entries will be awarded with souvenirs. 



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