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The Jimei Arles photo festival: A visual feast ahead

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2017-05-05


A photograph by Chinese photographer Liu Silin, in which she put herself into an old photo of Marilyn Monroe. [Photo/Rencontres Arles]

Emerging young Chinese photographers

Liu Silin, a young Chinese photographer, will hold a solo show in the 2017 Rencontres, in the emerging artists category.

She is the only Chinese artist to be included this year, after winning the 2016 Jimei Arles Discovery Award.

"The new generation of Chinese artists is very aware of international trends," Stourdze told China Daily. "Like Silin, she knows exactly what's happening in the world, and plays with that knowledge with her local experiences to produce a new art form. It's not about documenting changes in China, but (instead), it's going global."

"This is quite different from what Chinese artists were like some 10 years ago," he added.

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