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Thriving marble business is built with the help of BRICS

(China Daily) Updated:2017-08-11

Young Brazilian businessman Marcos Caldeira is filled with anticipation as the 2017 BRICS Leaders Summit draws near.

Caldeira runs a marble business in China and knows how important the country's ties are with the Latin American nation.

"The BRICS Summit will further strengthen trade between Brazil and China and is a great opportunity for me to expand my business," he said about next month's summit.

Caldeira came to Xiamen City in east China's Fujian Province from Vitoria in eastern Brazil two and a half years ago to learn Mandarin.

He found the Chinese coastal city very familiar since it is similar in climate and environment to his hometown.

Inspired by the pro-business environment in the city, Caldeira soon started his own business for exporting Chinese stone products to South America.

Xiamen, a major trade port in Chinese history, is China's largest stone import center, while Brazil is a major stone exporter. But Caldeira imports processed marble products from Xiamen, and sells them to Brazil and other overseas markets.

"Brazil is rich in stone, but the prices are high. The quality of China's artificial stone is very good and much cheaper, and is very popular in Brazil," he said.

In only two years, Caldeira's business has grown into one of the largest companies in China that export marble to Brazil. Its export value reached more than $10 million in 2016.

The BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - have become a major driving force in the global economy. With 44 percent of the world's population, the five account for nearly one-quarter of global economic output and half of the world's economic growth.

Caldeira said the BRICS countries are playing an increasingly important role in trade, not only driving regional growth but also helping to lift the global economy.

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