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In vogue district's stylish lifestyles allures

By Yuan Shenggao (China Daily) Updated:2017-11-27

An increasing number of people who work and study in Xiamen, Fujian province, are falling in love with the charming city - which provides its residents with happiness and security as well as a rich variety of alluring attractions, including a vibrant fashion industry, officials said.

Siming district, in the center of Xiamen, is the city's economic, political, cultural and financial heart.

It has made great efforts to promote the development of its fashion industry by leveraging its abundant resources, playing an important role in the creation of a new international fashion metropolis.

The district, drawing on many fashion and cultural resources, guides and promotes the development of the fashion industry in the city.

Walking around Siming district, visitors are not only attracted by the traditional sightseeing spots, such as Gulangyu Island, Zhongshan Road and Zengcuoan village, but are also drawn nowadays to the new fashion business districts like JFC - the first shopping center for art and culture in Fujian province.

The engine of the city's fashion industry, Xiamen International Fashion Week, was held in the district this year from Nov 15-19. The annual show, which made its debut in 2013 in Siming district, has become an ideal platform for global designers to share their new ideas.

The increasingly importance of fashion to Siming, reflects policy support for the industry in the district.

In recent years, the district has continued to offer rent subsidies, interest subsidies and official backing for the fashion industry, as part of an upgrade of the sector in Xiamen.

Officials said security has become one of the top issues considered by people when selecting their residences and Siming district has long been committed to promoting security management, so people can enjoy a comfortable living environment.

Richly endowed with favorable natural, geographical and climatic conditions, Siming is a beautiful district with blue skies and flowers blooming throughout the year. Officials said that adding to the general contentment of its inhabitants, was the good infrastructure, improving public services and social security.

In order to enhance people's sense of happiness in the district and make it more beautiful, the local government said it is speeding up construction of infrastructure, upgrading old urban areas and tourist attractions, and attracting more and more people to come, visit and live in Siming district.



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