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Fujian ensures convenient commutes with Taiwan amid Spring Festival

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-02-09

New ferry lines between Fujian and Taiwan are added, to ensure a convenient and easily-accessible transportation service to people who'll commute between the two places during the forthcoming Spring Festival.

The four routes, Pingtan-Taipei, Pingtan-Taichung, Xiamen-Taichung and Xiamen-Keelung will transport about 60,000 passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush. Additionally, the routes of Xiamen-Kinmen, Mawei-Matsu, Quanzhou-Kinmen and Huangqi-Matsu will carry more than 530,000 passengers during the period.

Fujian has also prepared buses, which will run between Fuzhou International Airport and Aoqian port, as well as Xiamen Airport and Wutong port to guarantee a fast transit.



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