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Cross-Straits institutes to jointly boost south Fujian's cultural development

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-03-13


Three cultural institutes from Xiamen, Quanshan, and Jinmen sign a cooperation agreement to build a community of cross-Straits culture exchanges. [Photo/ xmnn.cn]

A cooperation agreement was signed among three cultural institutes from Xiamen, Quanshan, and Jinmen to boost south Fujian's cultural development at the opening ceremony of Quanshan's Gushan Institute, Xiamen Daily reported on March 9.

The three institutes, namely, Gushan Institute, Xiyuan Institute from Xiamen and Yannan Institute from Jinmen, Taiwan island, plan to establish a community of cross-Straits culture exchanges.

"The cooperation among the three institutes doesn't merely allow them to share their resources with one another, but also take their own advantages in boosting cross-Straits culture exchanges and south Fujian's cultural development," Zheng Ruiyong, head of Xiyuan Institute said.

One year earlier, Xiyuan started cooperating with Yannan institutes in the art of painting and calligraphy and south Fujian's culture, bringing in new ideas for cross-Straits culture exchanges.

On the same day of the signing ceremony, a gathering of calligraphers and painters was organized, attracting numerous renowned artists from Xiamen, Beijing, and Taiwan, during which they expressed their best wishes for the cooperation with their paintings and calligraphy.

The newly-funded Gushan Institute is a non-profit cultural institute that offers local villagers a reading and learning platform.

Five functional rooms are included in the institute, namely, reading room, cultural lecture hall, painting and calligraphy exhibition hall, workshop for paintings and calligraphy, and art center.


Kids read books at Xiamen's Xiyuan Institute. [Photo/ xmnn.cn]



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