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First cross-Straits paper art industry expo held in Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-03-26

The first Cross-Straits Paper Art Industry Expo took place in Xiamen, Fujian province from March 24 to March 26, showcasing the most creative and representative paper products from Taiwan and Chinese mainland, Xiamen Daily reported.

More than 150 cross-Straits enterprises and universities and 100 paper artists attended the expo. During the expo, they displayed their works and discussed Chinese mainland's preferential policies to Taiwan, and cultural exchanges between the two areas.

Six exhibition areas have been set up for the expo, including paper culture, Xiamen's paper art, fine works of cross-Straits paper artists, Taiwan's paper art industry, Chinese mainland's paper art industry and creative paper art products.

Lectures on paper art, a cross-Straits universities paper art design contest, and an innovative market were organized during the expo.

Hong Xinfu, a renowned paper carving artist from Taiwan, commented that this paper art expo initiated the paper art exchanges between Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

He expects that cross-Straits paper artists will work together to promote the development of paper art and that more teenagers will start to fancy the art form.


Paper artwork showcased at the first Cross-Straits Paper Art Industry Expo. [Photo/fjsen.com]

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