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Burmese journalists visit Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-07-03


Journalists from Burma visit the Xiamen Urban Planning Exhibition Center. [Photo/fo.xm.gov.cn]

A delegation of 12 journalists from Burma visited Xiamen, Fujian province, from June 26 to 28 at the invitation of the Chinese consulate-general in Mandalay, Burma's second largest city.

The primary goals of the delegation included analyzing Xiamen's economic development, its community management and its construction of infrastructure.

During the visit, the journalists toured the city's Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) hub and Highdart Electronic Information Co, as well as Gulangyu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site (since 2017) off the coast of Xiamen.

The journalists were impressed by Xiamen's economic and social achievements and intend to introduce their fellow Burmese to this Chinese city.


The delegation of Burmese journalists ride Xiamen's BRT service. [Photo/fo.xm.gov.cn]

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