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Commission set up to boost cross-Straits exchanges

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-07-04


Artists from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan draw pictures to mark the foundation of the newly formed Commission of Cross-Straits Cultural and Economic Exchanges. [Photo/sunnews.cn]

The Commission of Cross-Straits Cultural and Economic Exchanges was set up in Xiamen, Fujian province on June 29.

The newly formed commission aims to advance cultural and economic cooperation between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland and promote traditional Chinese culture by hosting exhibitions and academic conferences.

"Xiamen is an important city to the Chinese mainland's exchanges with Taiwan," Liang Guoyang, chairman of the commission said at the inauguration ceremony. "The commission will treat the coastal city as a center for cross-Straits cultural exchanges."

Economic support for culturally-focused companies in Taiwan and the Chinese mainland will also be offered by the commission to better promote the integration of industries on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Liang also indicated that more liasion offices are expected to be established in Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other Chinese mainland cities.

Lo Ts'ai-ch'in, a Taiwan artist and also a member of the commission, has embarked on cross-Straits cultural exchanges for a decade, and often accompanies Taiwan art troupes to promote cultural exchanges with their Chinese mainland counterparts.

Lo also said she plans to take Taiwan artists to exhibitions on the Chinese mainland annually to aid the process of furthering cultural cooperation.


An artist writes a couplet to congratulate officials on the establishment of the Commission of Cross-Straits Cultural and Economic Exchanges. [Photo/sunnews.cn]



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