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Japanese association boosts friendly relations with Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-07-23


Japanese delegation and representatives from the Xiamen Friendship Association pose for a group photo. [Photo/fo.xm.gov.cn]

A delegation from the China-Japan Friendship Association in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, headed by Kasei Tomiyama, its chairman, visited the coastal Chinese city of Xiamen from July 17 to 19 with the aim of enhancing the two sides' mutual understanding.

"More substantial activities will be organized between Xiamen and Okinawa with the help of the China-Japan Friendship Association in Okinawa," said Kong Suting, deputy director of the Xiamen Friendship Association at a meeting with the Japanese delegation on July 18.

Kong briefed the Japanese guests on Xiamen's economic and social development, especially the city's experience in constructing a free trade zone and operating Xiamen-Euro cargo trains.

Kasei Tomiyama admired the achievements Xiamen has made over the past years, hoping that exchanges and cooperation with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries will be enhanced by relying on the two cities' favorable geographical locations.

Tomiyama also promised to play an active role in strengthening the cooperation between China and Japan in trade, the economy, culture, education and other fields.

Founded in February 2017, the China-Japan Friendship Association in Okinawa aims to highlight the history of exchanges between Okinawa and China so as to provide guidance and also explore new opportunities for the Japanese prefecture's mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with China.

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