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Cross-Straits teenagers experience traditional Chinese culture

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-07-24


Taiwan teenagers' homestay family in Xiamen throws them an unforgettable birthday party during the seven-day camp. [Photo/xmnn.cn]

The 2018 Xiamen Taiwan Teenagers Camp took place in the city on the coast of the Chinese mainland on July 14 with the aim of reinforcing the understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

A total of 332 teenagers took part in the summer camp, 192 of whom were from Taiwan.

During the seven-day event, these cross-Straits campers toured Xiamen and Jinmen in Taiwan to experience special local customs, practice martial arts and admire cultural heritages.

Organized by the Xiamen Youth Federation, the Scout Association of Taipei and the Scout Association of Jinmen, the cross-Straits camp has run for the past three years.

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