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Taiwan residents' professional certificates take effect in Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2018-11-30


A Taiwan doctor diagnoses a disease for a Xiamen native. [Photo/taihainet.com]

Some 25 Taiwan doctors became the first group of Taiwan residents in Xiamen, Fujian province to be issued with professional certificates on Nov 29.

These Taiwan doctors from the private Xiamen Changge Hospital, who have obtained qualifications in Taiwan and work now in Xiamen, received their certificates from the human resources and social security bureau in Xiamen city on Thursday, becoming the first in the province to do so.

In order to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between cross-Straits professionals, since October the Xiamen bureau has explored the establishment of a new evaluation system for professional personnel in the city.

Qian Dingsheng, vice-general manager of the Xiamen hospital, said that their Taiwan doctors formerly needed to publish a large number of papers and sit a written examination and interview when applying for a professional certificate in the Chinese mainland, a process taking two to three years.

The new evaluation system has greatly streamlined the checks and approvals, and it can not only help attract more outstanding Taiwan doctors, but also promote the development of private hospitals in the city, Qian added.

Taiwan residents with such a certificate may enjoy preferential treatment in the city, according to the local government department.

Luo Li, director of the professionals management department of the Xiamen human resources and social security bureau, said that, at present, such an evaluation is being piloted in medical care, education and construction industries but will gradually be extended to other industries.

In addition to the 25 doctors, one Taiwan engineer is also waiting for his certificate of senior engineering after getting approval from the local bureau.



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