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Dutch city boosts co-op with Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2019-03-27


Hans Mayer (2nd from right), general secretary of Zoetermeer-Xiamen Friendship Association, visits Xiamen, Fujian province from March 21 to 25. [Photo/fo.xm.gov.cn]

Hans Mayer, general secretary of the Zoetermeer-Xiamen Friendship Association, visited Xiamen, Fujian province from March 21 to 25, with the aim of advancing pragmatic cooperation with Xiamen in the areas of the economy, culture, art and education.

Shao Yuqin, deputy director of Xiamen's Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, briefed Mayer on the planning of the Dutch Corpus Museum in Xiamen at a meeting on March 22.

Shao promised to promote the settlement of the museum in the city and contribute to broader exchanges and cooperation with Zoetermeer in culture, art and education.

During his visit to Xiamen, Mayer reached a preliminary agreement with the fine art college of Jimei University regarding the organization of an exhibition for renowned Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer in the city and the relaunch of an artist exchange program between the two cities.

He also explored the possibility of mutual visits between students from Alfrink College in Zoetermeer and Xiamen Foreign Language School.

Zoetermeer established an official sister-city relationship with Xiamen on July 14, 2005.

The city is located in the center of the country. Being a village as late as the 1960s, the city has developed rapidly over the last half-century, becoming one of the most economically vibrant and fastest-growing cities in the Netherlands.



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